Are Riots Effective? 9 Times Violent Demonstration Changed American Politics


On Monday, riots erupted in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man, who died from injuries sustained in police custody. The riots, which started after Gray’s funeral and were stoked by a widely circulated flier calling for a “purge,” are now into their second day. A state of emergency has been declared by the state, and 15 police officers are reported wounded. But the riots in Baltimore are not.. Read More

When (and How) to Talk to Your Kids About Religion

Little Girl Praying in Front of American Flag

Regardless of your beliefs, if you have children, you will eventually have to talk to them about religion. When should you do it? The short answer: probably sooner than you think. Some non-believers, perhaps in disdain for religion, say they want to keep their kids completely isolated from the subject or that they want to wait until they are much older before discussing it. Not only is this position wrong.. Read More

How to Survive the Holidays: A Guide for Secular Families


When I let go of my childhood religion as a young adult — the religion held by much of my family — I knew it was a game-changer. Not long after that, I experienced another milestone: having kids. Twin boys, to be exact, and then a little girl. What wasn’t so obvious to me back then was that those two things, losing religion and having kids, would intersect in ways.. Read More

Mississippi Con Demonstrates You Can Use the Bible to Justify Anything, Even Sexual Assault of a Pre-Teen Girl


John Kirk Councilman, 45, already had a conviction for attempted murder on his record, for which he was out on probation. Then he was arrested and indicted again in Jackson County, Mississippi, for sexually assaulting a minor – under cover of Scripture no less. [T]o justify the amount of time he spent with the girl weekly, he told her parents he was getting together with her to study and practice going over the Bible’s.. Read More